The Seventh Day Adventist Student Association hereafter referred to as SDASA is a voluntary, faith- based organisation of students established in 1967. SDASA seeks to empower students by facilitating their growth and development. Also, it seeks to mobilize professionals and entrepreneurs to utilize their skills, abilities and expertise for professional contribution so as to introduce best practices in the Seventh – Day Adventist church community in an attempt to reach out to heal the nation in toto.

SDASA is registered in South Africa as an NPO under the Social Development Act of 2001. It extends its geographic coverage to include countries like Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland most importantly. One of SDASA formations was informed by spiritual contamination which was a direct spill over of the political crisis at the time of its inception and hence moral degeneration was rife in campuses. As a result, SDASA stood up to firm on the ground to preserve and protect the values of the Seventh Day Adventist culture in institutions of higher learning. This was done through student empowerment and leadership programmes. The Association has made, in its 47 year tenure, serious contributions in the church community by being the thinking tank and the breeding ground for young leaders to display their leadership capabilities. It has also made inroads in community development and has been at the helm and heart of issues pertaining to education which is the core function of SDASA.